The Cookie That Roared!!!

Or at least you would have thought it was roaring after Georgia's initial reaction. I stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few things and somehow ended up in the bakery section. My, my, I don't know how that always happens. There in the cookie case were these adorable iced cookies smiling back at me. Yes, I swear, their little faces overloaded with sugar were smiling.

So I picked up the lion one for Georgia.

02.06.11 011

Here it was, her first large cookie covered in liquid sugar. I just knew she would have so much fun devouring it bite by bite. Funny though, no one told Georgia that's how she should react.

When she first saw that happy, innocent, smiling cookie - she was scared of it! So much so, we took it away and tried again later. Oh my goodness! But this time, she decided to at least touch it, a little bit. Well, that was after I stuck a finger-full of yummy icing in her mouth.

02.06.11 035

And then, it was on... kind of. Not quite the devouring I envisioned, but the girl likes her icing!

02.06.11 050

02.06.11 070

02.06.11 090

02.06.11 076

02.06.11 102

Take that scary (and yummy) cookie!

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