Can You Tell Me How to Get to... My Old Sesame Street!

Whoa! Sesame Street today is not the Sesame Street I remember from 20-something years ago. When did they start rapping the number of the day? And where did all these characters come from, I remember about seven or eight. Now there seems to be some new, neon character every time I look. And when did Gordon get so old? Is that even the same Gordon? And he had a cell phone! Where have I been that I never noticed all these changes? (Oh yeah, childless and living in a purely adult word - hello childhood again!)

OK, maybe I'm really aging myself with this tirade of questions and observations, but the Sesame Street Georgia will grow up watching is much different from the Sesame Street her momma grew up with long, long ago. So if you haven't guessed, Georgia and I watched Sesame Street for the first time today. She's usually napping when it's on, but as she proceeds to drop (and fight dropping, yeah for me!) her morning nap, she was awake for the first 15 minutes of it.

Even the open to the show is much different than I remember, all flashy and jumpy and stuff. I just wanted to close my eyes, plug my ears and rock back and forth while softly and slowly singing "can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?". I was able to control myself thankfully, otherwise Georgia would have proof her mother is crazy. The number of the day today - one - which was rapped in a song (can you call it a song?) by someone I have never seen before. Obviously, I need to catch up on my hip-hop artists and probably any other entertainer who is considered "cool" and "popular."

At least I knew who Elmo was, even though he is a post-dinosaur age addition. Hey, I've even met the overly-hyper, blazing-red character in person:


And today, Elmo was the one bouncing character Georgia recognized on the TV. She even says "Elmo." It does sound a little more like "Eh-mo," but that's OK. So in honor of our breakthrough Sesame day (or my break down), "Eh-mo" got to go along on our afternoon walk.

03.11.11 044

After days, weeks, months, eons it seems of snow, ice, freezing temperatures, beyond freezing temperatures, wind chills that make you wonder why ANYONE would live here - after all of that - today reached like 70 degrees. I love you spring! And that made a trip to the playground a necessity.

03.11.11 015-2

03.11.11 013
Look mom, more kids!

03.11.11 020

03.11.11 029
She would not release her death-grip on the sippy cup.

So back to that educational TV show. (yeah, I'm not letting it go yet) Did Georgia learn anything today from Sesame Street? Probably not, but she has years ahead of her for that. However, I was quickly and thoroughly schooled in the fact that I am old, and that things have changed A LOT since I was a kid. Even that sweet street that kids are still asking directions to all these years later. Really, don't we have Google maps for that these days?

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