When It's Cool to Have a Mohawk!!

So my husband would argue it's cool to have a mohawk at any age, and I'm sure he's right, but I'm a little more, um, traditional. (some might say uptight, conservative, or some other undeserved title) But there is one time when I think mohawks rock... when they're shampoo mohawks!!!

03.06.11 008-2

From her smile, Georgia agrees. But the kid also thinks bath time is a great time for a swig from her sippy cup. (how this is any different from mommy taking a glass of wine to the bath with her during pre-baby days... well, I'm just not going to get into that!)

03.06.11 032

Or better yet, some bath water. God only knows what's lurking in there.

03.06.11 034

But that bath water does make for cute little semi-curls.

03.06.11 050

And lots of fun!

03.06.11 021

03.06.11 037-2

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