A Few of My Favorite Things.

We all know how easy it is to get caught up in the every day realities of life. We're all going at top speed, trying to accomplish an hour's worth of stuff in 10 minutes. It's easy to get pulled along by our hurried flow, in fact, it's almost imperative at times just to get everything we think needs to be done... done. We're always trying to do it all, NOW!!

I am the multi-tasker queen. Trust me, I have the scars, burns and bruises to prove it. Hey, I never said I was the perfect queen. But, and I get this so very honestly from my mother, I am ALWAYS trying to do many,many things at once. Just like right now, as I write this post, I also have my photo editing software (Lightroom) open, my Facebook page open, a photography message board open and my hotmail account open. I'm switching back and forth between them all, handling, learning and checking several things at once. Sometimes I try to make myself stop, slow down, do one thing at a time - but it. is. so. hard.

My husband asks me to slow it down because sometimes my overload reaches Georgia. Like when I left the baby gate open after letting the dogs outside and then starting cleaning the kitchen, only to realize the gate was open when Georgia brought me something from downstairs. Yep, she went up and down the stairs without me hovering over her. Good thing we've been practicing that one! I tell my husband it's a centuries-old complaint from women, that we have to do so many things; otherwise, they'll never get done. He argues it's conditioning - we women only multi-task the hell out of everything because our mothers did. OK, looking at my earlier comment, he might be onto something.

Soooo... I am at least making myself slow down enough to take notice of all the little things I love right now about Georgia. She's growing so fast that I know if I miss them now, and don't stop to commit them to memory, they'll be gone soon. And that, my friends, would be unacceptable. There are too many things to list them all, but some of the things I'm loving right now about my little lovely:

- when I lift her out of her crib in the morning and carry her to the living room, she reaches behind my head and plays with my hair.
- when she realizes she is the center of attention (which is often), she really tries to ham it up.
- her little fingernails always seem to have dirt or something under them these days.
03.20.11 012

- she is NOT a fan of socks or shoes. Ah, I know who she gets that from! ::smile::
- when I sit cross-legged on the floor, she thinks my crossed legs are the perfect reading chair.
- she is a very dainty eater... usually.
- her hair has finally gotten long enough that I'm wondering if I need to pull out the scissors.
- she LOVES to read.
- she likes to cover her stuffed animals with a blanket and tuck them in. She's also starting to offer them food and water.
- she finally tries to blow her nose. Oh so cute!
03.12.11 030

- she learns and says new words every day.
- she loves seeing pictures of herself and pointing at them. "door-da" (um, that's Georgia for those of you who don't speak Georgia)
- her big toenails grow funny. (yes, I think it's cute)
- the way she's all cuddly when she is ready for a nap or just woke up from one.
- her voice, the sound is magic in my life.
- her singing, mostly just the ABC's right now.
- her wacky hair dos when she wakes up
03.20.11 006

- her evil laugh. (even when it really IS evil, but usually it's just to get a laugh)
- she says "uh-oh" around 100 times a day.
- she is ticklish.
- she says "dank-do" almost every time you give her something. ::melt::
- she looks so much like her daddy.
03.12.11 077

So there's a few of them, OK, a few more than a few. :) But I love everything about my little girl, and the list is growing every, single day. I can't think of better reasons to take a breath and slow things down.

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