January 8, 2012 - Bacchus & Bailey

Georgia's arrival into our lives more than two years ago made my husband's and my life amazingly better... in ways we never knew were lacking. Those of you who are parents will know exactly what I mean. All the sudden this little, screaming, red-faced baby enriched our lives to the millionth degree and made us a complete family.

However, I can't say her arrival did the same for two others in our family - Bacchus and Bailey - our dogs. Before Georgia, they pretty much ruled the house, got attention and playtime all the time and treats pretty regularly. But Georgia knocked them right out of their thrown without so much as an "I'm sorry." Georgia's arrival was a complete shock and rude awakening for our two four-legged babies.

It has taken awhile - many days of hair pulling, ear yanking, nose poking, scary screams and laughs at the top of her lungs, toy snatching and the like - but I think Bacchus and Bailey are finally coming around to this "new" family member. Sometimes, she ain't all that bad.

01.08.12 006
01.08.12 018
By the way, this is Bailey.
Bacchus is an old man and not always up to getting in on the fun.
01.08.12 014

And Georgia is having a pretty good time with the dogs too!
01.08.12 020
01.08.12 021
Even daddy is getting in on the fun...
01.08.12 030

I mean, that's almost a dog smile, isn't it? ... almost...
01.08.12 001

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