Here We Go Again - and I'm Kicking Off the New Year with Craziness!

I must be crazy because I'm starting the new year with a new 365 challenge. I did it in 2010 and had to take 2011 off, but I thought hey, why not push myself to the brink again? The challenge means I will take a picture (or more) a day for the entire year. The first time I did it, everything had to be connected to Georgia in some way - after all, this is her blog, right? This time around we'll see how things go... it's still a little fluid at this point.

So... drum roll... here's the first post not only of 2012, but of the new 365 project.

How did my family start off life in the new year? We visited the dead of years past... years way, way past. Yes, yes we did.

01.01.12 035

This is the "Old Burying Grounds" in Beaufort, NC, and we've been wanting to check out this cemetery for quite a while. It's one of the oldest cemeteries in North Carolina with the oldest recorded grave in 1756, but it's said there are some older than that. It's no surprise, it was a very peaceful and beautiful place in its own way.
01.01.12 061
01.01.12 064
There's the grave of a little girl who died in the 1700's on the ship on her way back to Beaufort from England. Her mother had not wanted her to go, but she had begged to see her homeland and went on the trip with her father. Her father had promised her mother to bring her home, so after the girl died, instead of the traditional burial at sea, he sealed her body in a rum keg and brought her home for burial.
01.01.12 051
People leave gifts on her grave, so Georgia left her a pink flower.
01.01.12 053
01.01.12 018

After our peaceful walk... we finished off the first day of the year with a visit to a much more lively place - the beach!!
01.01.12 152
01.01.12 086

We flew Georgia's kite...
01.01.12 090-2
01.01.12 075

... fed the seagulls...
01.01.12 129
01.01.12 141

... and just soaked in the unusual but very welcome temperatures in the 60's...
01.01.12 150
01.01.12 118

I hope 2012 holds many, many days with our toes in the sand and the sound of waves hushing the world. Bring it on 2012!

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