January 13, 2012 - Love and Baking

My mother's baking was always filled with love.

You could taste it in the ooze of a still-warm chocolate chip or the flakiness of a pie crust.

You could hear it in the slap of a rolling pin onto dough or the scrap of a cookie sheet against the oven rack.

You could see it in the expression on her face as she stirred, chopped and kneaded her next creation.

You could touch it in the softness of a cookie or the moistness of a piece of pumpkin bread.

You could smell it in the richness of her Boston Creme Pie or the spices in a cake.

You could feel it all around when everything combined into a delicious treat which my mother always found time to bake because she knew we enjoyed it.

I had a day off of work today, so I decided to pass on some of that love to Georgia. We made chocolate chip cookies.

01.13.12 029
(I'm now using the timer feature on my camera so I can finally be in some pictures!)
01.13.12 020
01.13.12 034

While my baking will never compare to my mother's - I'm a cook not a baker - I still hope the love will surround Georgia as we measure, mix and bake these little morsels of yumminess.

01.13.12 036
01.13.12 048

As the blue genius known as Cookie Monster said, "C is for cookie. That's good enough for me."

01.13.12 058
Love and baking. Love your baking, bake for love.

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