February 1, 2012 - Toddlers Will Eat Anywhere But the Table!

That had to have been the quickest January EVER!! Holy crap, where did it all go? If I had only listened to my mother way back when she told me time goes faster as you get older. I don't really know how that would help slow time down now... but darn it... I should have just listened to her.

But how many times have I said that in my life?

So I'm learning something else as I go - toddlers (at least mine) must be allergic to tables. When given the choice, will they ever sit down and eat at one?

Today, Georgia preferred the floor. And not just the floor, but the floor covered with her coloring books and comic books.

02.02.12 003
02.02.12 010
02.02.12 021
02.02.12 026
02.02.12 016

Why we spend good money on tables and high chairs and booster seats is a question I am still trying to figure out.

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