February 29, 2012 - Uh Oh... It's Too Quiet!

When Georgia and I are home, together, in the mornings, peace and quiet scare me. And every parent out there knows exactly why... because toddlers aren't normally peaceful and quiet. That is, unless they're up to something - and typically that something is a troublesome something.

So this morning, when I was in the kitchen doing the dishes and then realized the only thing I heard was the clanking and clinking I was creating, I went in search of my sweet, innocent and all TOO QUIET little.

Her bathroom door wide open... uh oh. The bathroom drawer open... uh oh. All of her neatly folded washcloths tossed and tumbled about... uh oh.

Then I found this on the living room couch:

02.29.12 001
02.29.12 003

Georgia's stuffed animals, "sleeping" peacefully under washcloth blankets. OK, no trouble here today - just pure, unending cuteness!

How I love my little one...

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