February 5, 2012 - The Sick Sickies Got Me!

For the longest time (in the longest time), I haven't been sick. I'm usually the one who catches every, little, single germ floating around, but lately everyone around me keeps catching the crud going round... but not me. That is, until now. And this crud - I don't even know where it came from!

I was so out of it today that I certainly feel like I neglected my little. And this was the weekend day her daddy went to get some personal work done, so she was stuck with me and my comatose self. Poor thing. I fell asleep on the couch and even missed her lunch time. She woke me up when her movie ended, asking me to start it again, and that's when I realized it was her nap time and lunchtime was long gone. So we did a late lunch and then we BOTH went down for a nap.

I guess she was feeling kind of lucky that she got to watch a movie in the morning - doesn't happen on my watch - and she got to watch TV past 10 a.m. Maybe she was enjoying my sick day more than I realized. When we woke up from nap, guess what? We turned on some more Netflix. Ughhhhhh....

I did have enough energy to make some popcorn. I mean, if we're going to watch movies all day, why not add some popcorn into the mix? And Georgia got her first taste of the popped delight.

(Yeah... I didn't even have the energy to go get my camera. Enjoy the smartphone pic!)

Take two handfuls of popcorn and call me in the morning. We'll see if that works.

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