February 19, 2012 - Remember What You Loved as a Kid?

We all have them - they might be good, they might be great, they might be bad or they might just be luke-warm - but we all have those memories from our childhood of certain moments or certain things that we'll just never forget.

Two of the many wonderful things I remember (because I had a pretty kick-ass childhood) entered my little ones life today. And for a moment, they took me back... um... 20-something years to my younger days. I could picture the house I lived in, my bedroom walls and dresser full of knick-knacks, my wild siblings that kept our home a house-full and my mom - always, always my mom.

I remember "Highlights."

02.21.12 008

My mom bought me the subscription year after year, and I was always excited to get the next issue. Getting your own mail as a kid is cool, and having that mail be full of pages and pages worth of stories and puzzles and games and everything else - ah... jackpot!

Now Georgia gets her own mail.
02.21.12 006

Then there's the tasteful memories. It's amazing what the taste buds prompt the mind to remember. Georgia's and my taste buds today savored a peanut butter and MARSHMALLOW CREME sandwich!!
02.20.12 019

Marshmallows are delicious enough, but whomever created the spreadable marshmallow - genius... and delicious.
02.20.12 026

A lunch like this won't grace my daughter's plate often, let's be honest, it's not that healthy... but whenever mommy needs a walk down memory lane...

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