February 4, 2012 - Winter is for the Beach!

65-degree weather in February? Yes please!

Beautiful blue skies? Yes please!

The beach and waves and seashells and seagulls? YES PLEASE!!

This season, winter weather is beach weather. So we headed to the beach, and let me tell you, Georgia was ready!


And the beach didn't disappoint.
02.04.12 1
We built a sandcastle...
02.04.12 5
02.04.12 2
02.04.12 4
Oh wait, it's a "tower."

and the hubby made a turtle for Georgia...
02.04.12 6
which Georgia just HAD to sit on top of!
02.04.12 7
and then destroy...

(forgive the smartphone pictures. This momma AGAIN remembered her camera but left the memory card in the laptop at home... oops!)

Our new hometown certainly has its pros and cons, but a beach within an hour drive... HUMONGOUS PRO!

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