February 20, 2012 - Make It Monday: Sensory Bottles

Our home today is filled with swish, swish... shake, shake... and rattle, rattle sounds. Georgia and I made some sensory bottles.

The last time I made some for her, I think she was about a year old. I made some smell sensory bottles filled with cinnamon, coffee and other scents. It was time to make some again.

This time, they were more visual sensory.

Oil and water:

02.20.12 003

Soap bubbles:
02.20.12 014

Sand with various items mixed in - a different surprise every time you shake it:
02.21.12 029

Georgia's favorite is definitely the sand bottle. She is so happy when she finds the sun and the ladybug that are inside of it. We even play a version of "I Spy" with the bottle. And what a great way to recycle some of the plastic bottles in our home!

Easy and cheap fun that stimulates the mind - love it!!

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