February 18, 2012 - Watching Kites & Climbing Trees

Cold and rain and sleet and possible flakes are forecasted for tomorrow. But today, oh sweet today, you should not bear the name February. Today, you are nothing like the dreaded chills and dampness and bitterness of that month. Today, glorious today, you should bear a name with a more delicious ring to it, like a song on my lips. Perhaps... "May." Today, underneath your warmth and sunshine and white puffy clouds, little beauties rose up from the ground and lifted their angelic faces to your heavens.

02.18.12 036

Georgia and I could not stay inside today. Birds chirping, temperatures approaching 70, the slightest breeze playing with the trees, the sun shining - after a picnic lunch in our backyard, we headed to the park.
02.18.12 057

And guess what? Georgia climbed her first tree!!! (with assistance, of course) She was pretty proud sitting in the tree's crook.
02.18.12 032
02.18.12 037
02.18.12 038

And then... oh, let's keep it humble, enough of the pride...
02.18.12 040

We also watched kites flying high, Georgia particularly fond of the Mickey Mouse one.
02.18.12 014
02.18.12 002

We just spent the afternoon enjoying nature's gift of a beautiful day. We'll take all we can like this in Winter. It even feels wrong saying that word, Winter.
02.18.12 018
02.18.12 022
02.18.12 016
(I think Puppy was sunbathing)
02.18.12 027
02.18.12 061

"Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you." - Walt Whitman

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