February 9, 2012 - A Peek into My Day

When you're getting dressed for work, do you just walk into your closet and grab the first things that jump out at you? Or maybe you go with how you're feeling that day - a baggy sweater if you're feeling fat, pants if you haven't shaved your legs lately or a cute dress if you're feeling fun.

Me? I consult "the book."

02.09.12 003

It's actually a calendar, and it's my dressing bible. I keep track of what I wear each and every work day.
02.09.12 005

Think I'm insane yet? I might be - perhaps - after all, I do work in TV news. But actually, there's nothing that will make you crazier quicker than a constant bombardment of emails from viewers who think you really do want to hear what they think about what you're wearing (or your hair or your make-up or your weight). It's not a business for people with thin skin or moderately thin skin or semi-thick skin. Bring on the elephant layered on hippo layered on alligator skin!

But "the book" does help me remember what I wore three weeks ago, so (Lord forbid) I don't wear any of this again too soon.
02.09.12 012
02.09.12 020

It also helps me remember what I looked fat in, what my news director didn't like and what combos did/did not look good on camera. You'd be amazed how different clothes can look on camera and under studio lighting.

Next time you head to your closet - love your freedom!

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