February 14, 2012 - Hearts and Love Day!!

Wait... isn't this supposed to be a day for lovers? When did it become a kids' holiday? My Valentine's Day started off with a party at Georgia's daycare. OK, scratch that, it was a sugar fest. Holy sweets, Batman!

02.14.12 029

OK, OK, Valentine's Day with the kids is pretty darn cute.
02.14.12 003
02.14.12 022
02.14.12 024
02.14.12 019
02.14.12 017

Did I mention this was her first "school party?" We even had her valentines for her class in her cubby and all ready to be handed out, and Godiva candy bars for the teachers as well.
02.14.12 028

After all that sugar at the 9:30 a.m. school party (yes, you heard right, 9:30 IN THE MORNING!), Georgia and I headed home to... more sugar.

It was time to make some treats for daddy.
02.14.12 032
02.14.12 031
02.14.12 035

I've never made chocolate-dipped strawberries and pretzels before, but it was fun - except the steam from the double-boiler. Beware of the double-boiler. But hey, it wouldn't be considered cooking if I didn't burn myself at least once. I do have a reputation to uphold!

Then I placed some valentines I made around the house for the hubby in places I knew he would find them.
02.14.12 047
02.14.12 051
02.14.12 055
02.14.12 062
02.14.12 068

Hopefully he liked it all, who knows? I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day.

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