February 28, 2012 - For the Love of Walks

There's something Georgia and I do several times a week that makes me breathe in deep... and e-x-h-a-l-e. It causes my frayed nerves to stabilize and, for an hour or so, I do nothing but soak in all the little moments between mommy and daughter.

We simply take a walk.

02.28.12 002

One foot in front of the other and the daily stresses fall away one after another. We are just a mommy and daughter, each holding the other's hand, walking side by side. No lessons, no agendas, no schedules - just us.

And while we explore each other - our feelings, words, eyes - we also simply explore the world around us.

The feel of a juniper evergreen:
02.28.12 019

The texture of dirt:
02.28.12 011

Whether sticks float or sink:
02.28.12 010

What a lizard really does look like peeking out from between some logs:
02.28.12 018

Spring flowers:
02.28.12 015

It is truly magical to explore the world alongside a child. For a moment, I get to see it all through innocent eyes - and it's so beautiful.

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