February 7, 2012 - Sick x 2

After a trip to the pharmacy at 2:30 a.m., then staying up with a sick baby until about 3:30 this morning and then getting up back up at I don't even know what time to carry her back to her crib from our bed, today's post is going to be a short and sleep-deprived one.

Oh yeah, Georgia got whatever funk I have. That makes two out of three sick people in our home. And when baby is sick, no one is happy. :( Those scrapey-sounding, hacking coughs coming from her wee little body just scrape right across my heart. They are so sad. And that scratchy little voice... breaks whatever part of my heart isn't already all scraped up.

Our saving grace (and reason for my trip to the pharmacy) in the wee hours of the morning:

02.07.12 002

And what makes any sickness a little more bearable for my little? Balloons from daddy, of course!! Someone raced home on his lunch break to bring Georgia some happy colors.
02.07.12 004
02.07.12 014
02.07.12 009

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