February 11, 2012 - Take Care of the Chompers

I must say, the hubby and I have been pretty good about Georgia's teeth since she was born. We started brushing them early, took her to the pediatric dentist twice since she was one and she is now well on the way to learning how to brush her teeth. Uhhh... that is... when she wants to.

Where tooth brushing used to be fairly easy, these days it's a battle nine times out of ten. Darn these toddlers and their independent streaks! Georgia's option almost every night is, "the corner or brush your teeth, which one do you want?" Thankfully, she picks the teeth every time, but I know she's going to throw us for a loop one of these days by choosing the corner.

Tonight though, on my dinner break from work, she chose the teeth.

02.11.12 003
02.11.12 008
02.11.12 011
02.11.12 021

We even have our own brush song, sung to the tune of "Merry Old Land of Oz" from the Wizard of Oz - "brush, brush, brush... brush, brush, brush... it's time to brush your teeth... it's time to brush them up and down and get them white and clean."

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