March 2, 2012 - Breaking Out and Hitting the Road

Georgia and I are outta here! We've packed our bags, loaded the car, planned our trip and we are headed to Wilmington, NC, where my hubby is working this weekend. Free hotel room on his company in a cool coastal town - we're there!

Georgia is excited about "the trip." I just hope she's still excited when we're an hour into our hour and a half trip. I do have chocolate on stand-by just in case, although I'm not sure if it's for her... or me.

Our first stop in Wilmington, the Children's Museum!

The Thomas the Train table was an immediate hit:

train collage

There were fun things to sort:
03.02.12 065
03.02.12 061

There was plenty of gluing in need of doing:
03.02.12 073

And there was a school bus outside that Georgia could actually "drive." She loves school buses (although I hope she never has to ride one):
bus collage

The light table was intriguing:
03.02.12 077

The cars were complete cool:
03.02.12 093

And Georgia learned walls of beads really do exist:
beads collage

There were some mirrors that were certainly "less than flattering" for mommy:
03.02.12 127

Shelves full of sand from around the world:
sand collage

And Georgia even got to be the doctor in the teddy bear hospital:
03.02.12 100
03.02.12 108
03.02.12 118

Phew! After all that, we caught up with daddy for some dinner, and then while he went back to work, Georgia and I took dessert to the beach!!!
cake collage

We ended the day with a trip to "Once Upon a Child" because we have almost no shopping where we live and then laid our heads down on some soft hotel pillows to get ready for another day of adventure.

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