March 3, 2012 - The Magic of a Hotel

The last time Georgia stayed in a hotel, she was 21 months old. It was when we moved to New Bern, NC, from Nebraska. But she didn't really seem to think anything of it - it was just a room with her portable crib.

But on our trip to Wilmington, NC, this weekend, my little just seemed to think our hotel room was "cool." She immediately checked the place out when we checked in and then headed for the phone.

03.02.12 146

After she called the front desk, said phone got unplugged by some evil little fairy, but that didn't stop my little from talking away on it.
phone collage

And, um, how much fun are hotel beds? (minds out of the gutter, please) I mean, you have this new bed with ump-teen number of pillows and a fluffy comforter... if that doesn't scream roll around on me, jump on me and hide in my covers... then I don't know what does.
03.03.12 003
03.03.12 007

We are having too much fun on our little trip.

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