March 7, 2012 - Here's How We Re-purpose!

One of the pictures from my childhood that I carry around in my head is me - Jaime - and my best friend - Jamie - lying in the bottom of a really large cardboard box and looking up at my mother, who was taking a picture of us. I think I was about seven and he would've been eight. It was always one of my favorite pictures from my childhood. It was a look at how simple being a kid really is, and how you can turn anything into an afternoon of fun. Jamie and I played with that cardboard box until it fell apart. Sadly, the paper picture fell victim to a house fire at my parents' house, but the picture in my mind will live on for my lifetime.

Georgia and I had fun with some cardboard boxes this morning. She might not carry our cardboard creation around in her memory box, but at least we'll have fun with her new "fort" until it falls to pieces.

03.07.12 022
03.07.12 023
03.07.12 027
03.07.12 028

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