March 31, 2012 - She Always Seems to Lose Her "Listening Ears!"

So many conversations with Georgia these days seem to go something like this:

Me: "Georgia, please don't do that. Georgia, you could _____ (get hurt, choke, fall down, etc...) if you do that.

03.31.12 001

Me: "Georgia, are you listening to me? Georgia, where are your listening ears? Did you lose them?"

Georgia: "Here they are, mommy."

Me: "Are they working?"

Georgia: "Yes."

Me: "Then why aren't you listening to me, Georgia?" (in today's case) Don't take the little end out of there. You could choke on it."

Georgia: No words, just head down and furiously working at the little end.

Me: Georgia, if you don't stop, you're going to sit in the corner."
03.31.12 002

End of the bubble wand finally pops out and Georgia is escorted, in shock and with tears, to the corner. What? Did she not see that coming.

She'll be out in a few minutes and we'll repeat some form of this conversation a few more times before 2 p.m. when we leave for her daycare. Gotta love an ornery toddler.

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