March 27, 2012 - Giving the Potty Another Go

We tried potty training with Georgia a week or two after her second birthday. We bought the little pink plastic toilet, we hit the "big girl" panty aisle at Target and we showed Georgia what that toilet paper roll is really for (no, it's really not for rolling around the house to see just how far the paper will go). And at first, it all went great - potty training was a big hit!

Then... we took a trip home to Georgia to visit my family and used pull-ups with Georgia most of the week so there were no accidents on floors and couches other than our own. THAT.WAS.IT. When we came home, Georgia was over the potty training thing and wanted nothing to do with "big girl" panties. Back to pull-ups we went. :(

But today, when I dropped Georgia off at daycare, her teacher asked me to bring some panties to leave in Georgia's cubby and start bringing her to daycare in those Dora and Minnie Mouse-themed panties Georgia picked out almost six months ago.

WHAT?!?! So I find out the little girl who kept refusing, even now, to use the potty at home or give her panties another go has been using the potty every time at daycare. OK, so peer pressure can be a good thing sometimes! She must not want to be the baby of the class.

So the panties are back on and potty training is a go once more. Gosh, I hope it sticks this time. I'm tired of paying for pull-ups.

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