March 4, 2012 - Green Bean-Eating Machine

Broccoli: eww. Broccoli: OK. Peas: yuck. Corn on the cob: yum. Chicken: yipee. Beef or pork: pass. Oh wait, chicken: not tonight. Rice: woo-hoo! Sauce: no. Ketchup: yes, today. No, tomorrow... or maybe?

UHH! The indecisiveness and pickiness of a toddler. I never know what Georgia will eat today and spit out tomorrow. Even more frustrating, when she tells you she wants it and then refuses to touch it. But there is one veggie (yes, veggie) that she'll eat every, single time.


03.04.12 010

Really, green beans? That's what Georgia decides to love no matter what? OK, I like that. Tonight at dinner, she ate her fill. Then she climbed onto my lap and ate some more.

My dinner view tonight...
03.04.12 022
03.04.12 016

And when Georgia decided dinner would taste better from daddy's lap, my view got a whole lot sweeter.
03.04.12 025

More beans, please!

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