March 17, 2012 - Do I Get My Cape Yet?

The hubby is out of town for work again, so it's just me and the little.

Today's to-do list:

- Breakfast and pack for the beach
- Beach time!
- Visit the aquarium
- Mommy/daughter lunch
- Drive around Harker's Island
- Stop by the "big" playground
- Head home for dinner

Oh, and did I mention there's about 3 hours of driving involved in all of that? Phew! I'm exhausted just typing it. But off we went at a surprisingly early hour for me - 9:20 a.m. - and arrived at the beach less than an hour later!

03.17.12 009

Seven months living near the beach, and this babe already acts like she owns the place! I love her.
03.17.12 002
03.17.12 006
03.17.12 001

After the beach, it was off to the aquarium - which we went through THREE times! It's a fun place. Then we had a mommy/daughter lunch at a restaurant with a deck right on the water. Georgia loved watching the boats go by. It makes me want to get a boat.

Then we hopped in the car to head for nearby Harker's Island. I've been curious to check this place out where the locals are called "hoi toiders," for the way they pronounce "high tide." Those families who have lived on the island for generations have their own dialect because the island was once very isolated from the mainland. That is, until they built a bridge and now some rich people have vacation homes there. Alas though, Georgia fell asleep on the way there for her belated nap. I still went to the island and drove around, but with a sleeping little in the car, that meant no pictures and no getting out to talk with some locals. Oh well, maybe next time.

We headed home, and Georgia woke up. She asked if we could go to the "big playground." What? Like we hadn't already done enough for the day? Gosh, I'm such a push-over because off to the big playground we went as soon as we got back to our town.

Then an exhausted mommy took her energetic little home. Ahhh, a day well spent. But hubby, hurry up and get home, this mommy is drained!

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