March 25, 2012 - First Pigtails and Party!

I have tried for months now to put ponytails in Georgia's hair. They have become as elusive to me as a unicorn. She would always say "no, mommy, no - hurt." Why she thought they would hurt, I have no idea other than she is very sensitive about her hair being brushed and, of course, pony tails require some brushing. It's been so frustrating. Oh, how I have yearned to see cute little ponytails sprouting from my little's head.

But today, my unicorn stepped right in front of me. Georgia - out of the blue - asked me to put her hair in a ponytail. What?!?!? I thought she would quickly change her mind when I grabbed the brush and made a move to her hair, but no, she was all for it.

And you want to talk about cute. The little one just blew cute right out of here!

03.25.12 013

And did you notice the cupcake? Georgia was invited to her first birthday party today.
03.25.12 031
03.25.12 006
03.25.12 007

It was themed around the local summer collegiate baseball team, the Morehead City Marlins. Georgia wasn't so sure about the mascot though.
03.25.12 003

She warmed up to him though and had a blast playing with the other kids at the party. My, my - my little one is growing up so fast!

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