March 11, 2012 - Discovering a Different Kind of Beach

Typically when we head to the beach, the day involves crashing waves, sand, shells, seagulls and the smell of salt in the air. But we live almost an hour from the beach; however, we live right near the confluence of two rivers - the Trent and the Neuse. We found out today the Neuse River has a national forest on it with a beach!

03.11.12 005

Now, it's not the kind of beach that would ever replace to ones we drive to on the ocean. The beach on the river is small, there's more clay than sand and the brackish water has the same cloudy and dull look of lake water - but it was a nice place for an afternoon walk.
neuse collage
03.11.12 014

After we found the beach, we found a nice hiking path right next to it.
03.11.12 033

I love to watch Georgia discover nature. I forget so many times what it's like to have even the simplest things - like bark - be new and interesting and exciting (yes, bark) and in need of exploring.
03.11.12 030
03.11.12 052
03.11.12 037

We stopped for an impromptu picnic on the side of the path (good thing mommy packed snacks!).
03.11.12 048
03.11.12 046

Then, my lovely hubby walked at least a mile like this:
03.11.12 042

Even over a rickety walkway through a swamp.
03.11.12 054
03.11.12 063

Finding little treasures like this around our new home town make for a great day!

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