March 26, 2012 - You Want More? I'll Give You More!

We have lots and lots around here these days. Ponytails, that is, I'm talking about ponytails.

03.26.12 002

Oh, and bubbles, we have a lot of those too. And today, some well-aged bubbles that are of just the right vintage I think.
03.26.12 023

These same bubbles graced the exit of the hubby and I as we left our wedding reception in 2008. My, that seems so much longer than 3 1/2 years ago! But nonetheless, the bubbles still work just fine.
03.26.12 020

Ponytails and bubbles, can we get more "Americana" than this in my backyard right now? Love!
03.26.12 038
03.26.12 040

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