March 28, 2012 - Finding a Home: It's Like Finding That Needle!

After spending most of the last two weeks getting this house hunt going - searching online sights, finding a realtor, driving by more than a dozen homes, making circles and X's on my "possible" list - today Georgia and I met with our realtor for the first time and actually started going inside some homes. We'll work on narrowing down the list since we're available every morning of the week, and then the hubby, Georgia and I will look at the finalists with the realtor on Saturdays.

Georgia had her house hunting ponytails ready to go this morning!

03.27.12 002

And off we went.

We saw home...
03.27.12 005

... after home...
03.27.12 007

... after home.
03.27.12 006

No "perfect" ones today (is that even possible unless you build?), but there were definitely some that got the circle instead of the "x." We only made it through seven homes, which mean there are still eight more on the list. Rough work!

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