April 1, 2012 - When You Let Her Dress Herself...

... you just might get a little bit of Christmas in April.

04.01.12 017

She was very adamant about wearing her "Frosty" shirt this morning, and daddy couldn't argue with that!
04.01.12 019

Someone even told her "Merry Christmas" as we took a walk around downtown.
04.01.12 009
(we live in the town of bears - they're everywhere!
04.01.12 004
(counting the sides of the sidewalk hexagons)
04.01.12 029
(she talks in one end and daddy is at the other end - cute!)
04.01.12 026

And we'll end this post with our ladybug friend that decided Georgia made for a perfect landing spot.
04.01.12 040

I'm just glad Georgia did not smash her.
04.01.12 041

Becky  – (April 6, 2012 at 11:02 PM)  

How cute. Nothing wrong with Christmas in April! :)

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