April 7, 2012 - Eggs, Fun, More Eggs and Smiles

We are all about gearing up for Easter in our house, despite the fact that I am still without my voice four days running now. Thank you, Laryngitis! We kicked off the morning with an Easter egg hunt in our little community - Georgia's first hunt outside our home!!!

04.07.12 004 04.07.12 009
Something tells me, um, it's not going to be hard for the four and under age group to find the eggs.
04.07.12 002
She's so excited and anxious - she's eating her hand!
04.07.12 014
And they're off.
04.07.12 019
After a little confusion and timidness, some instruction from mommy finally gets Georgia grabbing the eggs. I'll admit, she was going a little slower than this uber-competitive mommy would like, but hey, it's her first time. Go, Georgia, go!
04.07.12 022
She did great, and now it's time to go through the stash of eggs... and candy.
04.07.12 027 04.07.12 038
My little Easter ham:
Before we headed home, my little one couldn't resist the swings, and this time neither could her daddy. I love them so!
04.07.12 077 04.07.12 087 04.07.12 097
After nap time, Georgia and I used our culinary prowess to whip up some cupcakes. That girl is a whiz in the kitchen, let me tell you, there is no one who can eat cupcake batter like she can! I don't know what I would do without my spoon licker.
04.07.12 114 04.07.12 117
And then, just before bedtime, we made sure to put out Georgia's empty Easter basket and some carrots for the bunny.
04.07.12 108
Here's comes Peter Cottontail!

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