April 10, 2012 - First Big Owie

I guess we have been lucky so far. For two and a half years, there has been very little blood in our house. Georgia, up until yesterday, has avoided anything more than a scraped knee or a bit tongue. Then enter last night. Ben and I both watched it happen, and it still replays on slow-motion in my mind. Georgia was running through the house, chasing our dog Bailey, when he turned and she didn't. Bam! Right into the side of the table. Her little head bounced right off of it, and the hubby and I bounced right into action. There was no doubt that one hurt. Screams echoed through the house as our little one cried out her pain. The end result? A busted lip and something caused a circular gash between her bottom lip and her chin.

04.10.12 012 04.10.12 012-3
All of it added up to more blood than our little one has seen yet, and more than this mommy ever wants to see again. Overall, was it that bad - no. No butterflies or stitches were needed and for that, I am grateful. Is it the worst we'll see? More than likely not, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. But it was the first time this mommy really felt my little one's pain and really wished I could just kiss away the hurt.

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