April 6, 2012 - A Myriad of Colors.

One of my favorite parts of Easter has to be coloring eggs.

egg collage 1

All the colors - bright and happy - how can it not make you happy too? It's also a colorful and clear indication that Spring is here to stay - another thought that makes me very happy.

It's so beautiful to see Georgia now enjoying it all too. She's so intense...
04.06.12 011
egg coloring 2
04.06.12 021
Look at these dyed hands!
04.06.12 034

Today, coloring eggs and tomorrow an Easter egg hunt and then comes the big day! Easter is so close, I can taste it as well as I can taste that slightly dyed egg salad I'll be making soon.
egg coloring 3
04.06.12 061
She was so proud of her rainbow of eggs.
04.06.12 072

Have a happy Easter weekend!

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