Here's to some Happy Trick-or-Treating!!

In just a few hours, a lot of fun will commence for our family. It is time for trick-or treating! I think I'm more excited than my two-year-old daughter right now, that is, until she realizes she gets candy in exchange for a few simple words tonight at every door we stop at.

Last year, when she was one, trick-or-treating was more for my hubby and I and the thoughts of Halloweens that would be. Well, now that our inquisitive little daughter is learning and memorizing the world, I believe this year she will "get" Halloween and it will be all about her. I love that!

So I hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween!

We started the weekend with a Halloween Parade of Preschoolers, and Georgia loved showing off her Elmo costume. She loved it so much, she wouldn't take it off when we got home. I think it's a preview of what the night holds for us.

10.28.11 020
10.28.11 022
10.28.11 024
10.28.11 067
10.28.11 089
10.28.11 092
10.28.11 094


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