Are You Wearing Teal Today?

Today is "Wear Teal Day 2011." It's one more way to raise awareness about Ovarian Cancer. Just like pink is for Breast Cancer, teal is for Ovarian Cancer.

Here's my teal:
teal toes 009

And you better believe I'm wearing sandals that show off my teal toes today! My teal toes were the first thing my daughter noticed when she saw me this morning, and same with my husband, so I know they grab attention. I hope they will bring comments and questions my way today so I can tell people why my toes are teal and make sure they're aware about this "silent" killer.

If you haven't read Georgia's birth story to the right of this page, Ovarian Cancer took my mother from us two days before Georgia was born almost two years ago. The picture you see by my toes is my mother and I not long after I was born.

I miss my mom so much still, and I know I always will. It's something I deal with every single day, several times a day. I hope you or your family never have to - so know the symptoms!!


My mother's symptoms presented as a bladder infection. Her doctor missed it the first few weeks, and my mother didn't go back to him as soon as she maybe should have because she didn't want to be a bother to anyone. That was her, ALWAYS thinking of others. But ladies, put yourselves first and know what things may not be right. Don't wait a minute more if you think something is up, because every day this nasty stuff gets to grow is one more day it has to get harder to beat. By the time my mother's cancer was discovered, about a month after her initial symptoms, she was late stage 3 to early stage 4. She fought so hard for 2 1/2 years before the cancer finally won.

She fought hard for herself, hard for us and hard to get the chance to meet my daughter. I love you for your strength, mom, and every single thing else about you. I miss you.

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