Making Memories...

When Georgia looks back on these days 10 or even 20 years from now, what will she remember of them? Well, probably nothing because she's not even two yet (but oh my God, she's so close - I can't believe it), but if she does remember our days at the beach, I hope she remembers days like this.

Beach Series Sharp

Dear daughter, remember these: the tinkling sound of the shells across the sand as they dance with the arrival and departure of each frothy wave; watching the sand pipers flirt and flit as they chase and then run from the waves; the taste of peaches and plums mixed with the salt of the ocean and a few mischievous grains of sand; a rainbow of sand toys - shovels, sifters and pails; the way sea oats hula to the ocean breezes; the cry of a gull; the approach and fly over of a flock of pelicans; the search as we walk for an "even better" seashell; the perfect crookedness of a sandcastle; watching footprints melt beneath a wave; the pure joy of sand between your toys.

09.04.11 041
09.04.11 039
09.04.11 030
09.04.11 020
09.04.11 008
09.04.11 033
09.04.11 005
09.04.11 100
09.04.11 015
09.04.11 043

Whether they're sharp in her mind in 20 years or not, the memories will be there and they will always be smiling.

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