Blogging a Birthday Best!

I'll admit, my memory is about as long as a flea's jump. I just do not remember certain things well. Dates fall into that category, in this particular case, birthdays. I can remember the birthdays that have been drilled into my head for decades - my sisters, my brother, my cousins (some of them), my parents', my grandparents - and then of course there's my husband and daughter. But beyond that, forget it.

So Dolores, this is my way of saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

I hope you had a wonderful day, I hope Ben remembered to call you and I hope you have fabulous memories of this special day. I will try to do a better job of remembering next year, I promise.

1st bday party (10.16.10) 178
Georgia sends her grandma sweet birthday wishes as well. We love you!

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