October 31, 2010 - Our Flower Among Goblins

It's Halloween!!! Although it's not Georgia's first Halloween, it is the first she'll actually participate in. Last year she was only a couple of weeks old... and a pumpkin.

This year though, our little lovely is blooming.

10.31.10 009

At my husband's request, he and I dressed up for Halloween as well. I didn't want it to be random, so we complemented Georgia. He was a gardener and I was a bee.

10.31.10 015-2

This is the three of us at our first candy stop:

10.31.10 039

Oh but we didn't stop with just one house. There was more candy to be had in this neighborhood!

10.31.10 051

10.31.10 059

Georgia went right for a "100 Grand" candy bar, and by the time we stopped at the next house, she had bitten through the wrapper.

A few more houses down, she picked up another candy bar for her empty hand. So she was double-fisting the candy bars. As we stopped at yet another house, my little lovely showed her true colors. Without an empty hand to grab yet another piece of candy, she stuck the "100 Grand" between her teeth and went for a third candy bar.

Oh Georgia!

This is what she looked like by the time we got home.

10.31.10 065

Chocolaty and happy - but those two words just go together, don't they? Trick-or-treat!!!

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