October 24, 2010 - It's Pumpkin Time!!

No, I don't mean Halloween. It's time to immerse ourselves in orange globes on the vine, candy apples, hay bales, steaming cups of liquid caffeine, kids on sugar highs and everything pumpkin patch!!

10.24.10 041-2

This place is more than just a pumpkin farm. It's like the Fall-themed amusement park of Omaha.

10.24.10 031

Think I'm kidding? There are freaking singing ears of corn! I think Nebraskans are stereotyping themselves a bit here. Oh, but there's a singing bunny too.

10.24.10 034

My husband and I had never ventured to this place before now. In past years, we opted for the quieter, possibly mundane, pumpkin patches that had... well, pumpkins.

Here, Georgia could be a princess.

10.24.10 019

10.24.10 016

And every day her daddy's princess...

10.24.10 008

We fed donkeys and camels. Yes, camels. I know, nothing to do with Fall and pumpkins, but it was cool!

valas collage

We danced inside straw tepees.

10.24.10 067

And Georgia had her very first PONY RIDE!!! She loved it. If you do not know me, then you might not realize why this is a big deal. Horses have been a big part of my life, and like every good horse mom, I have visions of my daughter on horseback. Today, a pony was close enough!

10.24.10 087

10.24.10 089

And yes, amidst all the chaos and the amusements and the distractions and the food, we did find some pumpkins.

10.24.10 131

We're taking this one home to carve up.

10.24.10 162

10.24.10 153

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