November 13, 2010 - Georgia's Not the Only Lucky 13

Before we get to that number 13, today was our first snow of the season (yipee), and the first time Georgia has really "seen" snow. Sure, she saw it last year, but she was three and four months old. Now she can actually take notice of it.

Even if it was just a few inches this first time around.

11.13.10 006

11.13.10 011

So the 13. Not only is Georgia's birthday on the 13th, but so is mine. Today I added another year to my age, but what a year it's been!

And my husband and daughter served me breakfast in bed then had this beautiful cake for me before I had to go off to work.

11.13.10 015

And have I mentioned Georgia likes chocolate?

11.13.10 026

11.13.10 031

11.13.10 035

11.13.10 032

I think she was tickled she cleaned the plate... or maybe that she was allowed to eat off a plate instead of her high chair tray.

11.13.10 055

Oh but Georgia, just because the cake was on the plate, doesn't mean the plate will taste like chocolate too!

11.13.10 061

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