Spring is Close, I Can Feel It!

We're are at that time of the year when winter and spring seemed intertwined - mix in a few days of a chilly breeze, toss in a few days of sunshine, add in a few days of cloudy cool skies and follow it up with some flower buds and greening grass. Spring is almost here and lately, we've had some spring-like days in this ending winter season.

Warm sunny weather tends to do this to little three-year-old girls:

03.08.13-62 03.08.13-73 03.08.13-75 03.08.13-76

Side effects: finding the nearest hill and rolling down it over and over and over again.

03.08.13-6 03.08.13-15 03.08.13-43 03.08.13-48

Ah spring, how sweet art thou?

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