Forget Halloween - Christmas means CANDY!

Eastern North Carolina has to be the Christmas Parade capital of the world. No, I'm serious - I have never lived in a place with sooooo many Christmas Parades. Every little town here has its own line-up of beauty queens, high school bands, boats (there's always a boat in parades here), car dealerships and Santa to meander down main street on almost every Saturday between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The town might only have a population of 500, but residents will throw a parade for thousands.

And most of these parade entries throw out candy... lots and lots of candy. That makes my daughter one happy and hyper little girl.


At the end of November, Georgia, my hubby and I were actually in one of the larger parades around here. We got to ride in a car on behalf of the TV station I work for, and man, did Georgia like that. I thought she find it cool waving to the crowd for the first 15 minutes or so, and then get bored and require some entertainment by the hubs and me. But no, that little girl waved out the window for the entire parade route, about an hour's worth, and she never stopped smiling. It was awesome!

But this past weekend was the time for us to sit back and watch another parade go by and catch and chase and pick up the candy. Georgia was ready, patiently waiting for the start and wearing what would become candy-blocking sunglasses.

12.08.12-6 12.08.12-9 12.08.12-31

And here it comes!!

12.08.12-35 12.08.12-40 12.08.12-48 12.08.12-124

And my little girl just soaked it all up as she kept her eye on the candy!


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