The Little Chef

I must admit, Georgia really surprised and impressed the heck out of me the other night. She really woke me up to the fact that I don't have her all figured out, and that sometimes, this mommy just needs to step back and watch what my little one can do instead of thinking I know what she's capable of doing.

It's not uncommon for Georgia to help me out in the kitchen when I'm cooking. I usually assign her the "stir this" or "dump that into there" duties. But tonight, I figured I'd let her take on a bigger duty, and boy did she impress! I showed her how to dip a fish strip in the egg, and then told her to pass it to me for the breading. But she refused to give it to me after the egg bath, which I started to think was just her four year old stubbornness coming through... but then she proceeded to show me she could bread the fish strip too and lay it nice and straight on the pan. And she proceeded to do this perfectly with every fish strip.

Her smile says it all.
My how I love this girl. Lesson learned: step back and watch before I make assumptions. This little one is growing up fast.

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