Childhood Love: Bubbles & Chalk

Are there many moments better on a warm, sunny day than the sun on your back, a little by your side, bare feet on cool grass, laughter and bubbles in the air? Ahhhh. It makes me stop, take a deep breath and exhale.
OK, so it was Georgia and her daddy exhaling as they blew bubbles into the lazy, afternoon breeze. We watched as the bubbles floated up, did zig-zags and disappeared over our neighbor's home or popped upon hitting the grass.
Who am I kidding? We live in Nebraska where our lazy breezes blow over puppies and small children. But the wind did really carry those bubbles!
Like how my hubby was blowing bubbles while Georgia wasn't looking?
bubble blowing collage
OH, OH, OH... PLANE!!! Have I mentioned Georgia has an obsession with spotting planes as they fly over our house. "Ah-pin, ah-pin!!"
And that chalk? Georgia's first time making art on the sidewalk, and she was using chalk the Easter bunny left in her basket.
chalk collage
Perfect day.

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