Grandpa and the Bike

We received a pleasant surprise this past weekend - a visit from Georgia's grandpa (Ben's dad).
05.14.11 022
Georgia hasn't seen her grandpa since she was two months old, but she took to him instantly! It was so precious.

And what family trip would be complete without a trip to Omaha's awesome zoo?
zoo collage
Oh yeah, and didn't I mention a bike in this blog's title? Georgia is obsessed with bicycles right now. A kid rides one down the street, and she points and excitedly says "bi, bi, bi." She sees the Toys 'R Us catalog and I hear "bi, bi, bi." A cartoon character on TV pulls out a bike and there it is again, "bi, bi, bi."

So when Georgia's grandpa was looking to get her a gift on this trip - enter the red Radio Flyer bicycle.
05.14.11 008
05.14.11 004
She is in love, and in less than a week, she's already getting the steering thing down. And we're hearing even more "bi, bi, bi" in this house.

It is such a sweet, sweet sound.

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