Surrounded by the Choo-Choo

Is a gift that is given but yet not known it is given sweeter than other gifts? I think so.

We have this train set for Georgia. It's been packed up in a box for almost a year now. I didn't think she was old enough yet, and maybe she's still not quite there, but my mom would have thought she was close enough. My mom always knew we were ready before we ourselves seemed to, and since this gift came from my mother in a round-about way, Georgia is getting it now.

08.19.11 009

The train set was bought by my mother to keep at her house for the grandkids when they came to visit. But when my mother was taken from us, and I knew that playroom would sit empty, I took a few things for Georgia to have from the happy room she would never know. So here we are with a train set.

08.19.11 008

Georgia loves trains right now. She loves to say "choo-choo" through her shy smile. And as soon as I set up the tracks and that train was whistling around the turns, where do you think she sat down to eat her lunch? Right in the middle of her new toy!

08.19.11 004-2

I love this little girl, and I love that every time I see her playing with this train and hear her "choo-choo," a little bit of my mother will be right there along with us.

Did I mention my mother's birthday was this past week? Yeah, Georgia got the train on that day. Happy birthday mom, I'm sent your wish up to heaven. I love you.

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