D-A-D Spells Our Annual Father's Day Gift!

There's one gift my hubby has received every Father's Day since he became a dad. Take a look at this year's gift:

DAD collage
Here's 2011:
Dad collage 2011
And 2010:
Dad collage 2010
One day, it will be great to look back at these from every year and see how much our little one has changed.

goldenstatefruit.com  – (June 21, 2015 at 1:35 PM)  

So cute.The pleasant thing about this is you'll have the letters quite a long time to re-use.At this time we just spell out "Dad,"yet in the event that you have various youngsters,"Dada" works, or you can go the additional mile and purchase a wooden "I" and a heart, to spell out "I Love Dad/Dada." The choices are really boundless.In addition its fun year to year to concoct better places to take pictures in view of their age.Best Wishes.

Bonnie Jenkins.

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