Do We Have a New Home?!?!?

After almost one year of living here and months of house hunting, we finally put an offer in on a home!! The inspection was this week and went great - only a few minor issues - and now we are just filling out a lot of paperwork and signing page after page after page after page...

Hopefully, on July 18th, this will be ours:


Dare I mention we could already be moved in and well-settled in this home? It was one of the homes in the very first showing we had with our realtor months ago. We loved everything about it except wanted something with one more room for a dedicated office. It never appeared - or when it did, there were issues we couldn't overlook. So this home stayed at the top of our list, and like I knew would happen, we finally just got tired of looking and waiting. So who cares that my spare bedroom and office will share a room? I'll only have guests a few times a year anyway.

This house had one of the best backyards and screened-in porches. I can't wait to enjoy them both!

mackenzie  – (July 23, 2012 at 7:59 AM)  

Last October my fiance and I bought our first house. The process of find a house was harder than I thought it was going to be. The house we ended up buying didn't have a garage like we wanted and the roof leaks, but I just couldn't let this house go. We thought we could eventually build a garage if we really needed one and my fiance does roofing in Bucks County so he could fix that with no problem. That house you picked is so beautiful. I love the front porch! Thanks for sharing!

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