Flower Girls and Dancing Shoes

In August, we packed our bags and flew to Montana to watch my little sister get hitched. Georgia and her two nieces also got to be flower girls - and there's nothing that gets little girls more excited than being a flower girl. I still remember being a flower girl growing up - pure awesomeness! These days, it's even more awesome to watch my daughter do the honors. This was her first trip down the aisle! I mean, really, how cute is she getting her hair "did" for the big day?

Jodi_Kevin_Wedding 720

She and her cousins, Emily and Avery, loved hamming it up!

Jodi_Kevin_Wedding 459
Jodi_Kevin_Wedding 454-2 Jodi_Kevin_Wedding 472

And the girls followed the bride wherever she went... 1,2,3...

Flower Girl Follow

Oh... and did I mention dancing? These girls got down!! Georgia still refers to her flower girl shoes as her "dancing shoes." They danced too many hours to count.

Jodi_Kevin_Wedding 321 Jodi_Kevin_Wedding 327-2

I don't know where she gets it from, it certainly isn't me. It must be her daddy.

Jodi_Kevin_Wedding 297 Jodi_Kevin_Wedding 304-2

Here's some more eye-candy from my beautiful sister's big day!

getting ready Untitled-1 copy Jodi_Kevin_Wedding 486-3 Jodi_Kevin_Wedding 123-3 Jodi_Kevin_Wedding 262 Jodi_Kevin_Wedding 731 Jodi_Kevin_Wedding 183-2

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